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Cloud-Native Infrastructure as Code: Terraform Cloud vs. DIY Approach

Title: Cloud-Native Infrastructure as Code: Terraform Cloud vs. DIY Approach
Presenter: Allaeddine Elareed (Senior Solutions Engineer at HarshiCorp)
Topics: Infrastructure as code
Type of session: Breakout
Time: 16:50-17:35

As organizations continue their transition towards cloud-native infrastructure, the decision between adopting an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) platform or pursuing a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach for pipeline and workflow management becomes increasingly critical. Simultaneously, developers exhibit varying levels of proficiency in provisioning, testing, and securing IaC, potentially leading to propagated misconfigurations and heightened security and compliance concerns.

This presentation offers a thorough examination of these two alternatives, emphasizing influential factors that impact decision-making. Whether you hold the role of a CTO, DevOps engineer, infrastructure architect, or compliance officer, this session draws upon real-world case studies and industry insights to present a well-rounded assessment of the advantages and disadvantages associated with IaC platforms like Terraform Cloud compared to a DIY strategy. It will furnish you with the knowledge necessary to make informed choices regarding the ideal approach for your cloud-native infrastructure as code pipelines and workflows. Join us on this journey to explore the path that most closely aligns with your organization’s aspirations and objectives in the era of cloud-native computing.