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Join us for the Enterprise DevOps TechCon on October 3rd. We have prepared a compelling agenda! Sessions will be presented in either Dutch or English.

Location for the Enterprise DevOps TechCon is Mereveld in Utrecht. Mereveldseweg 9, 3585 LH, Utrecht.

Registration is free and available on Eventbrite.

Main Room (Room Achterhuis)Breakout Room (Room Voorhuis)
8:45-9:30Doors open – welcome & registration

9:30-9:40Welcome to the Enterprise DevOps TechCon 2023
Team Enterprise DevOps TechCon

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9:40-10:25Keynote: The Cloud Native Stack – How to get started, the current state and where the industry is heading
(Michael Coté)

What is driving companies to create cloud native applications? How many organizations are actually doing this? Once you have the basic tools and platforms in place, how can you get started scaling the change to the rest of your organization? This talk will answer these questions, giving an overview of why cloud native is an important application style and how it fits well with organizations that are using as a core, strategic capability.

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10:25-10:45Coffee break
10:45-11:30Modernizing apps is one thing, but what about the data?
(Ruurd Keizer)

The ‘why’ of application modernization is clear: when done right, it improves operational efficiency and agility, and increases the potential for innovation. However, app modernization is…(read more)

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IT, the new weapon at the duty belt of Dutch Police
(Albert Witteveen)

In the daily practice of the police, IT tools are widely used. IT has become intertwined with our work. Traditionally, this leads to shadow IT, with all the disadvantages…(read more…)

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11:30-11:35Change rooms
11:35-12:20Marketing Your Internal Developer Platform: An Essential Skill for Success
(Ben Wilcock and Michael Coté)

In today’s fast-paced world of software development, it’s important to have a robust Internal Developer Platform (IDP) that can help your team stay productive. In this session…(read more)

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Micromanagement: From Fire-Breathing Frustration to Soaring Success
(Sarah Gruneisen)

In the ever-evolving realm of DevOps, challenges aren’t just technical but interpersonal. My presentation delves into the stifling flames of micromanagement and the scorching impact on team members. Recounting my evolution…(read more).

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13:05-13:50Keynote: What is the role of CNCF and Cloud Native in the current IT world and how to navigate in it!
(Orlin Vasilev)

Where are you in your Cloud Native journey? Just starting or in the middle of your transformation, or …at the edge of madness what have you done?!

Orlin Vasilev a CNCF Ambassador and Community Lead for project Harbor… (read more)

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13:50-13:55Change rooms
13:55-14:40Disaster Recovery and Kubernetes – What could possibly go wrong?
(Eric de Witte)

Welcome everyone to this riveting talk on multi-sites on-premises disaster recovery on Kubernetes. Yes, you heard it right, we’re going to be talking about everyone’s favorite topic – disaster recovery!

But fear not, we’ve got…(read more)

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RTL/Videoland: The journey to a platform product
(Michael Meelis)

A talk about how RTL went from a traditional sysops situation, to a fully fledged Platform team where they develop their own product. Learn from our mistakes and successes! (read more)

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14:40-14:45Change rooms
14:45-15:30Debugging microservices in Kubernetes
(Sander Rodenhuis)
Debugging microservices on Kubernetes requires you to understand the internal state of your architecture by examining telemetry data, which includes traces, metrics, and logs. In order to make…(read more)

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Harbor in Action: The journey of Nederlandse Spoorwegen towards implementing and adopting an OSS registry
(Hein-Jan Vervoorn and Orlin Vasilev)

In today’s fast-paced technological landscape, embracing open-source software (OSS) has become crucial for organizations seeking innovation and efficiency. However, adopting and managing OSS at an enterprise level requires meticulous planning and robust infrastructure. The Netherlands Railways (NS), a leading transportation company…(read more)

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16:00-16:45From abstraction to generation – a Kubernetes Carol
(Michiel Brinkman)

25 years ago the first steps were set on a path that would lead to a true Copernican revolution – without that revolution we would now live in a world without Cloud, DevOps, Kubernetes and ChatGPT

In this talk we will look at the past, present and future of application design, development, and operations – perhaps even the very world we live in.

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Build software better
(Sander Harrewijnen)

Team structure and standardized ways of working as the key to success in a software driven world. A look at some practices and methods such as balanced teams, automation, removing toil, golden paths and developer experience to help organizations and teams build better products and services.

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16:45-16:50Change rooms
16:50-17:35Cloud-Native Infrastructure as Code: Terraform Cloud vs. DIY Approach
(Allaeddine Elareed)

As organizations continue their transition towards cloud-native infrastructure, the decision between adopting an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) platform or pursuing a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach for pipeline and workflow management becomes increasingly critical. Simultaneously, developers exhibit varying levels of proficiency in provisioning, testing, and securing IaC, potentially…(read more).

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Navigating the Non-Technical Challenges of Platform Development
(Davide Berdin)

Technical aspects are not the only challenges that a team needs to face. Actually, that’s the least of a team’s concerns. Scaling your team and making sure that…(read more)

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17:30-18:30Drinks and world famous bitterballen