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RTL/Videoland: The journey to a platform product

Title: RTL/Videoland: The journey to a platform product
Presenter: Michael Meelis (Platform Engineer and DevOps evangelist (ITQ contract work) at RTL)
Topics: Platform engineering, organization challenges,
Type of session: Breakout
Time: 16:50-17:35

With platform engineering being all the new rage it might be difficult to grasp what it actually entails. In this talk I would like to take you outside of the given borders and drag you in a wonderland of high highs and steep lows. On this journey, we will not only find new roads to walk but also build highways with enough interesting exits to boot, which can lead to roundabouts that never end. After all of this you will be unsteady enough to start your own quest for the perfect product.

RTL is a tech savvy company that likes to stay on top and give creative freedom to its developers. In this new fangled enterprise world, RTL is boldly allowing people, to develop themselves, giving them room to give their input and push forwards.
My journey inside the media giant starts at an old skool infra team that operates separately from the devs, but supporting from close-by. The task, moving the Videoland microservices to Kubernetes from their outdated container orchestrator. The journey that follows is one where we finally discover that, engaging new customers is not that easy and it leads to a road where you have to draw a very long breath. After all of that is finally done, you find out that brown is the new green and a new expedition starts.

If this whole story confused the hell out of you, good. Go back, read it again, but backwards, it will make more sense, I think. If you weren’t disorganised before, you probably are now. Ready for the talk to come.

Still curious after all of this? Are you actually intrigued and want to know more about my mis -adventures? Then come and join me on the 3rd of October in Utrecht at Enterprise Devops Techcon. Let me explain the confusion that is the drive to be.
See you there!