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Davide Berdin
Senior Engineering Manager at

I’m a Sr. Engineering Manager at within the Platform Engineering department. The teams in my organization are responsible for the Kubernetes platform, the OpenStack platform, Service Mesh and a Scheduling platform called KubeCron. My background is in reliability engineering and Kubernetes and before joining Booking, I worked at RTL Nederland as Lead Platform Engineer in the data department. I love spending time with my family and bake pizza in a traditional Italian wooden oven.

Michiel Brinkman
Practice Lead Infrastructure Modernization BeNeLux @ Google

Michiel Brinkman, serial certification exam taker, has 19 years of experience that have led him from help desk employee to cloud architect (and sometimes back!) and works as the practice lead infrastructure modernization Benelux at Google. 

In this role he tries to help his customers and colleagues to find problems to pair with Google solutions. Additionally he is involved in architecture framework activities and tries to form the bridge between AI/ML and infrastructure. Also as a proud neurodiverse person he advocates for autism in and outside of Google.

Michael Coté
Senior Member of Technical Staff at VMware

Michael Coté studies how large organizations get better at building software to run better and grow their business. His books Changing MindsetsMonolithic Transformation, and The Business Bottleneck cover these topics. He’s been an industry analyst at RedMonk and 451 Research, done corporate strategy and M&A, and was a programmer. He also co-hosts several podcasts, including Software Defined Talk. His daily-ish newsletter is at

Allaeddine Elareed
Senior Solutions Engineer at HashiCorp

Allaeddine is a seasoned professional in the world of cloud and cloud-native technologies. With a wealth of experience, he has established himself as a Senior Solutions Engineer at HashiCorp, where he works with partners and customers to enable the Cloud Operating Model.
Throughout his professional journey, Allaeddine has demonstrated a keen ability to bridge the gap between technology and business needs, translating intricate technical concepts into tangible benefits for organizations. 

Sarah Gruneisen
Director of Engineering at Novada

Techi, Liberator, Complexity Buster, Motivator – let me help you bust the complexity so you can thrive in living the life you want

My core values are trust, authenticity, autonomy, reliability, empathy, and respect. I am committed to fostering a space of understanding and authenticity. My mission is about empowering each individual to discover their unique solutions, fueled by the freedom and trust we instill in one another.

I uphold the inherent worth of each person and strive to promote genuineness in all aspects of our interactions. I am dedicated to unlocking your deepest potential, and nurturing the unseen strengths within you. I aim to guide you in identifying and pursuing your most stimulating, significant, and stretching goals, thereby kindling your intrinsic passions.

Once your inner flame is kindled, my aspiration is for its warmth to leave a lasting imprint on you and to radiate outwards, touching those in your world. My belief is that tasks are short term, existing within the confines of the present, but passion is enduring. It is passion that remains with us, shaping us, defining us, and leaving its indelible mark on the world. This is the essence of my impact: to ignite your enduring fire and allow its heat to echo into eternity.

As a Director of Engineering at Novoda and the Founder/Coach at Avagasso Coaching, I genuinely believe that transformation starts with a shift in mindset!

I started my journey in the late 90s as a software developer, and since then, I have continuously evolved my skillset:

→ Giving trainings since 2002
→ Adopted agile methodologies in 2003
→ Embraced Scrum in 2008
→ Embarked on my leadership journey in 2008
→ Discovered the power of Liberating Structures in 2017
→ Stepped into coaching in 2019

By creating a supportive ecosystem that integrates System, Agile, Personal Development, and Leadership Coaching, you can establish a strong foundation for success. Encourage communication and collaboration, foster a culture of continuous learning, and empower your leaders to guide their teams effectively to achieve the best possible results for your organization.

Sander Harrewijnen
Developer Advocate at ITQ

Sander is a developer advocate in ITQ’s Cloud Native Apps team. Through the years he has worked on commercial and enterprise software in a wide variety of tech stacks and platforms. The last couple of years he has been enabling and facilitating software teams with better practices and ways of working on a quest for better and more sustainable solutions to business problems.

Ruurd Keizer
Solution Architect at Redis

Ruurd Keizer is a Solution Architect at Redis, working closely with organizations to advance their mission through real-time data. Prior to Redis, Ruurd had a leadership role (VP cloud) at a well known consultancy, helping to make things work for enterprises across the industry. He brings extensive field experience as a practitioner (developer, architect, DevOps engineer), consultant (cloud, developer platforms) and technologist. Ruurd earned a PhD in (quantum) Physics at Delft University of Technology.

Michael Meelis
Platform Engineer at RTL (ITQ Contractor)

Michael is a Software Engineer / Architect with a strange twist of game design that merges into a more architectural approach to software development.
He focuses on trying to understand what makes the software tick, through trial and error, and then ends up with a more thorough understanding of the concept. All of this gives the core concept of who he is and how he approaches the work that he loves.

Sander Rodenhuis
CTO at Red Kubes

Sander Rodenhuis is the co-founder and CTO of Red Kubes, and is responsible for the development of Otomi: a self-hosted PaaS for Kubernetes. Before founding Red Kubes in 2019, Sander worked as a solutions architect and senior platform engineer, designing and building private and public cloud and Kubernetes platforms.

Orlin Vasilev
Sr. Community Manager for Project Harbor at VMware

Orlin Vasilev is  Sr. Community Manager for Project Harbor as part of the Cloud Native team at VMware. Second term CNCF Ambassador and driving the biggest Meetup Group(~1.3 K members) in Bulgaria. KubeCon CfP review board member and co-chair for Track 101(Cloud Native Novice) and Community(Cloud Native Experience)  Previously SysAdmin/Dev/SRE/System engineering roles for over 15 years! Located in Bulgaria, Europe! Father of two – a girl and a boy! Passionate snowboarder, DIY and semi-professional BBQ Pitmaster!

Hein-Jan Vervoorn
Site Reliability Engineer at Nederlandse Spoorwegen

Hein-Jan began his journey as a trainee SRE within the NS. In this role, he was tasked with enhancing and automating the CI/CD workflows for development teams within the organization. During this period, he also amassed significant knowledge about defining Infrastructure as Code (IaC) in both Azure and AWS.

For the past two years, he transitioned into the role of a platform engineer. In this capacity, he is responsible for constructing an internal developer platform (IDP) that paves the way for development teams. The current focal point of this platform is to furnish development teams with an AKS platform for containerized applications, seamlessly integrated with the Harbor registry.

Ben Wilcock
Technical Marketing at VMware

Ben loves helping application development teams improve their productivity and achieve better results. He does this through listening, learning, and coaching individuals and teams in organizations all over the globe. By advocating for tools that allow for greater developer productivity, Ben helps organizations build stronger relationships with their developer communities, reduce time to market, and achieve greater success.

Eric de Witte
Tanzu Emerging Solutions Engineer EMEA at VMware

Eric De Witte is a VMware employee, part of the Tanzu Emerging solutions Engineering EMEA team. He started his career in the previous century and he has 20 years experience with VMware technologies. He has been supportive of community events including VMUG for a very long time. He likes demos and interaction. Don’t hesitate to ask him questions during his sessions.

Albert Witteveen
IT Architect and Product Manager at National Police Netherlands

As an IT-architect and product manager with a focus on Cloud Native and Digital Transformation, Albert is currently working towards transforming from Shadow-IT to Showcase-IT.

The Dutch Police extensively use IT tools in daily operations, which has led to the emergence of shadow IT. However, these tools have proven to be crucial. The organization now perceives shadow IT as examples of what is needed, emphasizing the importance of proper management, security, and reliability. Instead of taking over these applications, the IT department has established a secure platform for field personnel to develop their own solutions, providing guidance on adopting modern DevOps practices.
This approach has resulted in the widespread implementation of cutting-edge techniques across the country.