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Modernizing apps is one thing, but what about the data?

Title: Modernizing apps is one thing, but what about the data?
Presenter: Ruurd Keijzer
Topics: Modern Apps, Data
Type of session: Breakout
Time: 10:45-11:30

The ‘why’ of application modernization is clear: when done right, it improves operational efficiency and agility, and increases the potential for innovation. However, app modernization is about more than just ‘lifting and shifting’ your apps into containers and clouds. In this session, we’ll start by discussing real-life strategies that work to get to the desired outcomes of gradual, risk-free app modernization, and the embracing of cloud. But it doesn’t end there…

Be honest: are you really done when your shiny new app is running in the cloud whilst it still needs data from the on-prem DB2 system? The data layer is the hard nut to crack in a modernization journey, but successfully doing so means unlocking true innovation, agility and operational efficiency. We’ll discuss common patterns and technologies for tackling this challenge. We describe how to get started and how to iteratively get to success.