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IT, the new weapon at the duty belt of Dutch Police

Title: IT, the new weapon at the duty belt of Dutch Police
Presenter: Albert Witteveen
Topics: Platform Engineering, Application Development, Shadow IT
Type of session: Breakout
Time: 10:45-11:30

In the daily practice of the police, IT tools are widely used. IT has become intertwined with our work. Traditionally, this leads to shadow IT, with all the disadvantages that come with it, even though these IT tools often make the difference. That’s why we now view this shadow IT as examples of what is necessary, but we do want to ensure that they are made properly, securely, and in a manageable way.

The IT department didn’t take over these applications, but they did establish a secure platform where people in the field can develop these applications themselves, and we started guiding them on how to do so in a modern way. Where previously there was limited shadow IT with restricted possibilities, the most advanced DevOps practices are now applied nationwide, which makes the difference.