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Micromanagement: From Fire-Breathing Frustration to Soaring Success

Title: Navigating the Non-Technical Challenges of Platform Development
Presenter: Sarah Gruneisen (Director of Engineering at Novada)
Topics: Organizational challenges
Type of session: Breakout
Time: 11:35-12:20

In the ever-evolving realm of DevOps, challenges aren’t just technical but interpersonal. My presentation delves into the stifling flames of micromanagement and the scorching impact on team members. Recounting my evolution from a fiery to a wise dragon, my talk underscores the significance of self-awareness, mutual respect, and open communication.

While it’s natural to perceive micromanagers as fire-breathing beasts, I will reveal the heart within, advocating for understanding, dialogue, and empowerment. By taming our inner dragons, managers and team members can transition from conflict to collaboration, letting innovation soar.